Skin Age Test



Skin Age Test

Precion’s Skin Age Panel measures eleven endogenous metabolites in human sebum. The Sebum is collected with a specially designed collection device called Sebutape.

Sebum collection is simple as the sebutape resembles regular office tape strips, making application and handling of the tape very easy.

For the Skin Age Test, sebutapes are applied to the forehead for one hour. During this time, the sebum that is produced from the sebaceous glands in the skin penetrates into the tape. After exposure, the tape is removed and mounted onto a collection card. The card with the attached tapes can be easily mailed to the laboratory, where the tapes are removed from the card, extracted, and analyzed by LC-MS/MS testing instruments.

  • Advantages

  • Fully quantitative LC-MS/MS method with a minimum of 6 to 8 calibrators per analyte

  • Wide range of sample matrices

  • Proprietary technology facilitates low level quantitation in biological matrices with excellent accuracy and precision

  • Matching 13C labelled internal standards for all analytes

  • Calibrator and quality control sample precision (% CV) typically <10%

  • Method

  • Analysis performed by LC-MS/MS

  • Sciex Exion UHPLC, coupled to a Sciex 5500+

Measured Lipid Mediators & Metabolites

Sebum Metabolite
Methionine Sulfoxide trans-Urocanate
cis-Urocanate Glycylvaline
γ-Glutamylphenylalanine Cholesterol
Lignocerate C16 Ceramide
Squalene DHEAS

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