How We Deliver Best In Class solutions

Our focus on targeting metabolites allow us to diagnose chronic disease effectively

Addressing Unmet Needs

Innovative testing, a strong R&D pipeline, and an extensive patent portfolio makes our products unique

Advanced Technology

Allowing us the ability to deep profile key disease pathways, provide robust biomarker selection, and access to critical clinical resources

Experienced Team

With backgrounds in critical biomarker discoveries, our team brings decades of experience in building diagnostic solutions paired with an experienced laboratory management team

Metabolite Biomarker Assay Development

Our Approach

Precion specializes in the development, validation, and profiling of LC-MS/MS based small molecule biomarker assays.

Predeveloped Multiplexed Metabolite Biomarker Panels

Our predeveloped panels:

  • Fill the gap of metabolomics by including panels for non-detected metabolites like steroid hormones
  • Accurate and precise data, every time, with our capability to develop internal standards based on the area of ratio of samples
  • Absolute quantitation allowing for accurate comparability among studies
  • Trace analysis requiring only a small sample size

Offering Custom Metabolite Biomarker Assays

With decades of experience, the Precion team has developed biomarker assays covering hundreds of metabolites.

  • Assay development of custom biomarker panels

  • Fit-for-purpose-method validation
  • Sample analysis
  • Cost effective development providing the highest data in value

What sets our assays apart

Existing metabolomics companies are conceptually different from Precion. By using relative quantitation methods, competitors are lacking sensitivity and accuracy.

We hit the target every time

Using absolute quantitative methods:

  • Proper calibration curves used for every analyte
  • An internal standard for each analyte measured provides maximum accuracy

  • Our team specializes in LC-MS/MS, allowing any issues to be easily resolved creating efficient results and accurate data

  • Cost effective development providing the highest data in value

A Focus on Metabolites

Precion’s method, a metabolite based test, reveals what is actually happening.

Whereas a molecular based test used by competitors only shows what might be happening.

Chronic diseases are driven by genetic and non genetic factors that can make them difficult to diagnose on other platforms.

These factors include:

  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Medication
  • Genetics
  • Microbiome

Our focus on targeting metabolites allows us to diagnose chronic diseases effectively.

Product Development Process

Our Process

Our team overcomes any challenges in LC-MS/MS based biomarker panel development with our unique approach built off quantitative analysis.


Biomarker Discovery

  • Metabolomics Screening

  • Lipidomics Screening – subset small molecules

  • Literature Data – our team identifies biomarkers that have been validated through decades of research


Biomarker Confirmation

  • Statistical analysis is performed on discovery data

  • Discovery is validated using complex multiplexed LC-MS/MS assays


Biomarker Application

  • Data is analyzed again to determine if biomarker is stable

  • A production assay is developed and applications include:

    • diagnostic testing
    • drug development
    • bioreactor monitoring

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Gold Standard Equipment


We use gold standard equipment for sample prep, analysis, storage, and synthesis.

Sample Preparation

  • Equipped for PP, LLE, SPE
  • Automated liquid handling
  • 96-well format sample processing

Low volume sample required


  • Sciex Triple Quad 5500+
  • Sciex Triple Quad 7500+
  • coupled to Exion UHPLC for fast run times and difficult chromatographic separations

Ability to deep profile key disease pathways

Storage & Synthesis

  • Sample Storage at -20°C, -80°C
  • Equipment for small scale synthesis

Stable Labelled Internal Standards

Metabolite Biomarker Selections

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