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Precion offers development, sample testing and commercialization options using state of the art LC-MS/MS-based quantitative biomarker profiling of endogenous metabolites in biological samples. Projects ranging in applications from Biomedical Research, Pharmaceutical R&D, Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences are offered.

LC-MS/MS-based assays are the “gold standard” in the analysis of small molecular biomarkers due to their superior specificity, and the capability to multiplex many different analytes.

We provide sample analysis services using our own biomarker panel assays and custom build assays developed for a specific client’s needs.

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Our Approach

Precion develops services and products targeting research, clinical diagnosis, and precision medicine markets. Using Mass Spectrometry-based technology, Precion develops small molecule biomarker assays uniquely positioned to answer current challenges facing healthcare today.

Our goal is to provide high precision and actionable data for researchers, clinicians, and consumers, therefore accelerating scientific discovery and address unmet clinical needs.

  • Targeted Approach

  • Quantitative Data

  • Research Led

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Precion Launches Analytical Services

for Comprehensive Microbiome Metabolite Profiling in Plasma/Serum and Fecal Samples

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