Our panels create reproducible, accurate, and comprehensive results requiring only a small sample

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Our panels create reproducible, accurate, and comprehensive results requiring only a small sample.

Gut Microbiome

Our microbiome panel provides a comprehensive coverage of key microbiome metabolic pathways associated with disease and health status

Short-Chain Fatty Acids

SCFAs exert multiple beneficial effects on mammalian metabolism and function as primary energy sources for luminal colon cells and host-signaling mechanisms

Steroid Hormones

Our steroid hormone test provides a comprehensive picture of the entire steroid hormone biosynthesis

Central Carbon & Energy Metabolism

Central carbon metabolism, also known as the central carbon & energy metabolic network, refers to a series of biochemical pathways that interconnect catabolic and anabolic processes in living cells

Human Milk Oligosaccharides

HMOs are important prebiotics and display many unique health effects for infants and can help establish immunocompetence, and participate in a gut–brain connection

Skin Age Test

Our skin age panel measures eleven endogenous metabolites in human sebum and is collected with a specially designed collection device called Sebutape

Lipid Mediators

Inflammatory lipid mediators are potent signal molecules and play a significant role in regulating a multitude of physiological and cellular processes

Custom Assay Development

Precion specializes in the development, validation, and profiling of LC-MS/MS based small molecule biomarker assays and our in-house synthesis capabilities for stable isotope labeled internal standards allow for accurate, dependable, and reproducible results

Biological Age Test

Biological age testing could be key to future precision medicine and identifying at-risk individuals with faster aging and implementing intervention could prevent/delay disability and disease and enhance quality of life

Long Covid Test

Our team has identified a panel of biomarkers for the diagnosis of long-COVID and  this groundbreaking test would fill a clear gap and need to diagnose long-COVID accurately to help 2.5% of the population

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Microbiome Pathways Interfacing Health and Disease

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