Precion Launches Analytical Services for Comprehensive Microbiome Metabolite Profiling in Plasma/Serum and Fecal Samples

A significant portion of the metabolites in human blood circulation originate from gut microbiome.  The direct metabolite exchanges (host-microbe metabolic axes) are central to the interaction between gut microbiome and host. Many of the gut bacterial-derived metabolites are shown to play key roles in disease and health status such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, liver diseases, inflammation, CNS function, and immunity. A large overlap of metabolites is observed between fecal and plasma/serum samples. However, the metabolite patterns in both matrices are different due to their different physiological and metabolic processes.

Precion’s Microbiome Panel

Precion’s microbiome panel provides comprehensive coverage of key microbiome metabolic pathways associated with disease and health status (shown in the pathway chart available for download below).

Key applications of this panel include:

  • Providing novel insights on how microbiome impacts host’s disease and health status in clinical or experimental studies
  • Evaluating the changes of the host microbiome through dietary, nutraceutical, prebiotics, probiotics, and biopharmaceutical intervention

  • Assessing the homeostasis of gut health wellness
  • Discovering biomarkers associated with gut microbiome actions
Download Pathways Chart

Key Advantages of Precion’s Panels

The key advantages of Precion’s microbiome panels are:

  • Absolute quantitation of over 60 metabolites associated with gut bacteria metabolism (shown in the pathway chart available for download below). Absolute quantitation enables direct comparison with existing databases or merging datasets from different experiments.

  • Fully quantitative LC-MS/MS method with minimum of 6 to 8 calibrators per metabolite
  • Calibrator and quality control sample precision (% CV) typically <10%
  • Small amount of sample required, typically 150 -250 µl plasma/serum or 100 mg fecal samples
  • Fast turnout time: Sample data provided typically within 3-4 weeks
  • Separate sample preparation guidance for fecal samples (to effectively quenching microbiome metabolic activities) and for the determination of short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) in plasma/serum (due to relatively low SCFA levels in plasma/serum, a special treatment is necessary to reduce SCFA background)

Please contact Precion for details on the analytical service of the gut microbiome panel.

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