Precion Bioanalytical Services

Precion offers development, sample testing, and commercialization options using state of the art LC-MS/MS mass spectrometry-based quantitative biomarker profiling of endogenous metabolites in biological samples.

Service projects range in application from:

  • Biomedical Research

  • Pharmaceutical R&D

  • Agricultural and Nutritional Sciences

LC-MS/MS-based assays are the “gold standard” in the analysis of small molecular biomarkers due to their superior specificity and capability to multiplex across different analytes in a single assay.  All of Precion’s LC-MS/MS-based assays use stable labeled internal standards for each analyte to provide quantitation for reproducible and reliable data.  In many cases, Precion synthesizes proprietary standards in-house.

We provide sample analysis services using our own biomarker panel assays and custom build assays developed for a specific client’s needs.

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