Clinical and Precision Medical Products

Due to lifestyle changes and a rapidly aging population, the world is facing great challenges in the epidemic of chronic diseases. Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cirrhosis, and other liver diseases are now the major cause of mortality and morbidity.

One of the most effective approaches in combating this epidemic is to provide accurate clinical and wellness tests to guide treatment and/or prevention, particularly in the early stages of disease onset. For many years, metabolites (such as glucose, cholesterol, and creatinine) continue to be important biomarkers for clinical diagnosis.

About Mass Spectrometry

Mass spectrometry technology, with its increased sensitivity and selectivity, cost effectiveness, and high throughput to detect a broad range of metabolites, is the most promising new platform for metabolite analysis.

We are working with various clinical and research partners to develop and validate novel tests in: 

  • Diabetes

  • Heart Diseases

  • Liver Diseases

  • Precision Assessment of Health Status

Recent analytical advances demonstrate the impact the human metabolome, consisting of thousands of unique metabolites, integrated genetics and non-genetic factors, has on disease progression and health endpoints. Precion applies this extensive knowledge in the association of metabolite profiles with various disease conditions. In addition, Precion leverages this knowledge for the fields of diagnostics and precision medicine.

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Precion Launches Analytical Services

Precion’s microbiome panel provides a comprehensive coverage of key microbiome metabolic pathways associated with disease and health status.

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 Bioanalytical Services

Precion offers development, sample testing, and commercialization options

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