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    Founded in an Effort to Deliver Effective Early Detection of Chronic Disease

    With decades of experience in biotech, combined with the latest technology, Precion strives to apply our extensive knowledge to associate metabolite profiles with various disease conditions. We also apply this knowledge to the fields of diagnostics and precision medicine.

    Utilizing state of the art LC-MS/MS mass spectrometry to bring:

    • Test Development – Biomarker panels mechanistically linked to disease
    • Sample Testing – Offering data for clinical research samples
    • Commercialization Options – Provide a path to clinical testing in test development

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    Meet Our Team

    Shaun Lonergan
    Shaun LonerganChief Executive Officer
    His past experiences include commercialization of several major research and diagnostic instrument platforms. Mr. Lonergan participated in or led successful sale or public offering of several companies while holding senior management positions at Boehringer Mannheim (Roche), Perceptive Biosystems (Thermo), Third Wave Technologies (Hologic), NimbleGen (Roche), 454 Life Sciences (Roche), Ibis Biosciences (Abbott
    Molecular) and Seegene, Inc. He served as CEO of Nerites Corporation (DSM), attaining more than $7 million in grant awards and sale of the company to DSM. Mr. Lonergan earned his Master of Science degree in microbiology from the University of Rhode Island.
    Lining Guo
    Lining GuoChief Science Officer
    His expertise includes nearly three decades of experience in the field of metabolomics, biochemistry, and agriculture biotechnology. Dr. Guo held various senior leadership positions in Metabolon, Paradigm Genetics, and Dow Agrosciences (a Dow Chemical Company). He is the author of 45 peer-reviewed publications (h index 34) and 11 issued patents. He received his Ph.D. in Plant Physiology from The Pennsylvania State University.
    Klaus-Peter Adam
    Klaus-Peter AdamChief Technology Officer
    He received his Ph.D. at the Department of Pharmacognosy and Analytical Phytochemistry from the University of Saarland, Germany. Dr. Adam’s career spans three decades in various research and management positions in the field of
    natural products analytics, biosynthesis, and bioanalysis of drugs in academia and industry at the University of Saarland, the Institute of Biological Chemistry at Washington State University, Cedra Corporation and Metabolon Inc.